Our Vision

West Hoke Elementary School is a globally competitive learning organization that provides essential tools for ALL students to succeed academically through rigorous and relevant instruction that prepares them for life in the 21st century.

Our Mission

The mission of West Hoke Elementary School is to educate the whole child within a positive nurturing environment through high expectations and quality instruction for academic excellence.

Our Beliefs

We believe all students have the ability to learn.

We believe positive partnerships between parents, school and community are essential for the development of the whole child.

We believe in graduating responsible and productive citizens that are globally competitive.

We belief in STE(A)M/ “Computer Science for all” by deploying 1:1 mobile devices to all students.

We believe in the five principles toward vision fulfillment: (1) Collaboration (2) Commitment (3) Continuous Growth (4) Dedication (5) Teamwork.

Grade Level Instructional Presentaion for Seesaw and Canvas

Santiago Instructional Video Seesaw.mp4

EC Instructional Presentation

Kindergarten Seesaw Instructional Video.mov

Kindergaretn Instructional Presentation

First Grade Seesaw Tutorial Instructional Video.mp4

First Grade Instructional Presentation

2nd Grade Canvas Instructional Vid.webm

Second Grade Instructional Presentation

Third Grade Canvas Instructional Video.webm

Third Grade Instructional Presentation

Fourth Grade Canvas Instructional Video.webm

Fourth Grade Instructional Presentation

5th Grade Canvas Instructional Video 2020-2021.mp4

Fifth Grade Instructinoal Presentation