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 A.J. Hammond    Principal 

 Demarious McNeill Assistant Principal 
  Lyndsey Gardner Academic Coach   WHES Academic Coach
Support Staff


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 Melissa Chavis Admin. Assistant/  Bookkeeper                                                                                    
 Carolee McLinnahan Power School/ Registrar
 Pamela Lindsley  Receptionist
 Patricia Michael  School Counselor
 Vickie Britton Social Worker           
Tarshialonda Harris Nurse
 Angel Barker Food Nutrition Manager 


Classroom Teachers


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 Kery Locklear
 Classroom Teacher                   Locklear & Robinson Prek
 Gwendolyn Robinson Instructional Assistant 
 Melissa Poli Classroom Teacher
 Melissa Bowers Instructional Assistant 
 Yolanda Wells Classroom Teacher Ms. Wells Pre-k
 Delia Hampton
 Instructional Assistant 



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 Barbara Beason Classroom Teacher                               Beason & Ray Kindergarten Class      
 Elizabeth Ray Instructional Assistant 
 Constance Thomas Classroom Teacher
 Irma Arroyo Instructional Assistant 
 Jennifer Kaylor Classroom Teacher
 Mrs. Kaylor & Mrs. Cooper's Class
 Edna Dailey Instructional Assistant 

1st Grade

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 Tammy Shepard Classroom Teacher
 Krista Podlusky    Classroom Teacher                Interactive 1st Grade
 Kristin Ross Classroom Teacher 1st Grade


2nd Grade

ClassroomListingEmailWeb Site
 Lillian McRae Classroom Teacher McRae
 Raymond Pearson Classroom Teacher         Mr. P's World
 Bine Blick Classroom Teacher Blicks Class
 Pamela Smith Classroom Teacher Mrs. Smith's Super Heroes
 Bryant McGregor  Instructional Assistant 


3rd Grade

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 Alvina McBride Science                  B.U.I.L.D The Future of Learning
 Sarah Johnson         Math

 Stephanie Huggins Reading
 Jerome Purdie Instructional Assistant 

4th Grade

ClassroomListingEmailWeb Site
Kallen Nelson Science 
Kurkessa Springs Mighty Brains
 Stephanie Podlusky Reading Ms.Podlusky's Reading All-Stars

5th Grade

ClassroomListingEmailWeb Site
 Glendia Black-Flippin Reading                 Mrs. Black-Fippins's Reading Warriors
 Sherronda Morrisey Math Morrisey Mighty Brain's
 Amanda Flor Science Mrs. Flor's 5th Grade Science Classroom

Student Support

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  Alyssa McCormick  EC
 vErica Witcher EC Education Instructional 
 Wayman  McCorquodale EC Education Mr. M's Class
 Sonya Alford EC Education Instructional   Assistant 
 Christina Walker EC Education Instructional
 Itzel Capote Cortes ESL
 Roger Dial Speech Pathologist 


Resource Team

ClassroomListingEmailWeb Site
 Kevin Hunt Art Education Dolphin Art
 Cory Lewis Music Education Mr. Lewis' Musical Notes
 Mahdy Talai Physical Education Physical Education 
  Kari Elkins Media Specialist 
 Krystal Cooper     FFD/ Reading Assist. Lab. 
 Rachael Pierce Computer Coding 
 Becky Sutton
 Reading Room                    Something To Read About